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“Doc Star is an amazing doctor. She is kind, compassionate and nonjudgmental. She will make you feel supported in every way, while helping you on your health journey. I highly recommend her and her services.”

— Jeanette C., Life Coach

"I highly recommend Dr. Star, she is a breath of fresh air. I can attest that she listens and wants to help with your health and wellness. Dr. Star has compassion and genuinely cares. I love getting my vitamin shots and have been doing that the last couple of years. I have small kids so I love the option of being able to go into her office or having a home visit. Overall I'm so happy to have her help me with my health and well-being."

— Amber Z.

"Dr. Becker has done nothing but wonders for my health and life overall. She was the only doctor to correctly identify what was causing me so much pain. It truly has been life changing coming to see her, I would highly recommend her to anyone."

— Serenity F.

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"Dr. Star is caring, compassionate and is your guide to better health. She provides more than just a medical exam. She provides acupuncture, cupping, and vitamin shots just to name a few of her great services. The best yet is she does house calls, when is the last time a Dr. did house calls? How cool is that? If you're looking to improve your health, you are at the right place, contact

Dr. Star today!

— Don, Personal Trainer


"Dr. Star is a genuine and knowledgeable physician in her field of practice. As a professional health care worker myself, I respect a physician who chooses to take the time to not only listen, but hears what a patient's needs are

and acts accordingly.

She sees, you."

— Emily, RN

"The top of my thoracic spine has been inflamed, stiff and rock hard as long as I can remember. Dr. Star got me in and worked it out! I totally forgot what it's like to not feel numbness and dull pain in that region of my back, and I am so happy to have found relief! I cannot recommend this (cupping) treatment enough!"

—Tina A.

Transformation Testimonial 


Before                 After

Transformation Testimonial 


June 2018                April 2019

Health Journey


"It's rewarding to look at side by sides and see how far I've come in this journey. I had no problem with how I looked on the left. I love myself regardless of weight. I am beautiful. I am enough. It's all about practicing affirmations. This literally changed my life for the better. PMA."

- AG musician

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