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Naturopathic Principles

How does a Naturopathic Medical Doctor (NMD) differ from my General Practice Medical Doctor (MD)?

As an NMD "Dr. Star" gets to spend more one-on-one time with you to get to know your medical history, listen to your concerns, encourage your healing and let you be part of the decision making. In comparison to some primary care physicians who are limited with their visit times due to insurance regularities. In some medical facilities you spend more time with the staff than you actually do with the doctor. "Dr. Star" makes your concerns her concerns by putting your health needs first.

"Dr. Star" wears the same tool belt as Medical

Doctors only hers' has more tools, which

benefits you and your body's repair. Another

great aspect to the care that she offers

is that she provides you with more options

to help you handle your care, in the

manner you want. As a Naturopathic

Medical Doctor she can make a

difference in your life with

her undivided attention

along this new and 

natural path to your long

term health and happiness.


Natural Medicine
Naturopathic Principles in Practice


  • Primum Non Nocere – First Do No Harm

This is a physician’s pledge first and foremost to “do no harm.” To explore safe and natural alternatives to drugs in the treatment of physical, mental, emotional, and physical illness.

  • Vis Medicatrix Naturae – Healing Power of Nature

To teach methods of treatment that supports the body’s natural and inherent healing mechanisms. This is the foundation in clinical and physical diagnosis, which is the cornerstone of quality naturopathic medicine. We will utilize therapeutics to stimulate the vital force of our patients to reach homeostasis.

  • Tolle Causam – Find the Cause

Exploration for underlying causes of physical illness, particularly those that are rooted in the mental, emotional, and energetic realm. This is the fundamental research done on a case by case situation in order to find the root cause to an individual’s disease processes.

  • Tolle Totum – Treat the Whole Person

The complex interaction of physical, emotional, social, mental, and other inter-related factors that affect one’s over-all health. The mind body interview can address multiple aspects of the patient’s experience, providing a holistic experience for both the patient and doctor.

  • Docere – Doctor as Teacher

Explain methods of healing that can be taught to patients to heal themselves with guided education on physiological and nutritional expression.

  • Prevenir – Prevention is the Best Cure

Lifestyle, nutrition, and exercise should always be considered as part of the treatment when obtaining a healthy life.

"Your health is a reflection of your efforts and the care you give yourself. Once you recognize your capabilities, you start becoming the best

version of yourself."

~ Dr. Estrella Sandoval-Becker, NMD 

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