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Healing and Dealing


PRP - Platelet Rich Plasma

Heal Thy Self

Literally, with PRP you are absolutely healing yourself!
What better way to regenerate your body then with your own healing properties.
PRP is an injectable therapy used for inflammatory conditions, osteoarthritis/arthritis, sprains/strains, as an option before going under "replacements" surgery or even poor wound healing.
PRP has even been shown to increase hair follicles' thickness and lengthen thinning hair. It aids in ligament and tendon healing by providing regeneration of cartilage production. Your own platelet rich plasma also increases elastin development to combat inflammation and prevent further tendonitis or damage WITHOUT surgery!

BOOK ONLINE on the services tab or
call (480) 330 - 4818 to schedule!

For the month of May & June when  you book a package of 3 
PRP Regenerative Injections
you get your
3rd session HALF OFF!

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